Acne is very common in pregnancy. Apart from dealing with all the hormonal changes of pregnancy, over 50% of women will develop significant skin changes associated with pregnancy. Skin changes include acne, increased pigmentation called melasma, as well as increased blood vessels. Fortunately the Specialists at Westside Laser Dermatology are experts in treating all these conditions.

We use a combination of creams, natural chemical peels and phototherapy to treat pregnancy related acne. This combination is effective, but most importantly pregnancy safe.

Facts on acne in pregnancy

  • Hormonal changes in pregnancy can lead to acne
  • Other skin changes in pregnancy include pigmentation and increased blood vessels and red spots
  • The most common time for acne to flare up is within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • Specialists can provide safe treatment options during and after your pregnancy
  • Creams, fruit acid peels, and medically prescribed phototherapy can improve acne during all stages of pregnancy and the breastfeeding period


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