There are many natural remedies that can help improve or even cure acne. Some of these treatments have been shown to be medically proven, such as the acne diet, whilst others such as tea tree oil and zinc tablets can help improve acne on a case to case basis.  The Acne Specialist Clinic acknowledges that natural treatments may work, and endorses dietary changes in the management of acne.  Cases of hormonal acne, or severe acne may not respond to diet changes, and medical therapy maybe indicated.

Facts on natural acne treatments

  • An acne free diet forms the foundation of natural acne remedies
  • Eating a healthy low GI diet, avoiding sugars and processed foods can help reduce acne lesions
  • Tea tree oil can be antibacterial, however it may cause skin irritation if used incorrectly
  • Zinc supplements can help with acne, in fact taking zinc tablets or using zinc based creams may reduce acne breakouts
  • One of the best natural remedies for acne is that of Alpha Fruit Acids or AHAs. We treat many patients with AHAs on a daily basis
  • Omnilux or Blue light therapy is a natural form of phototherapy and has been reported to improve acne
  • Brewer’s yeast strain CBS 5926 can improve acne, however this treatment can be associated with migraines and gastrointestinal upset


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