Hormonal acne is a very common condition affecting over 20% of Australian adult women. This form of acne usually varies with the period cycle, and presents as deep seeded lumps, bumps and blind ending pimples around the jawline, chin, and cheek areas.

Hormonal acne can be very distressing, and is often resistant to over the counter washes and creams. Specialists manage this type of acne with a combination of tablets, including anti-hormonal medication and Vitamin A.

A simplified skin care program, coupled with a scar management program can help repair and restore the skin barrier. Effective solutions are possible at the Acne Specialist Clinic at Westside Laser Dermatology.

Facts on acne and hormones

  • Adult onset acne is common, particularly in women in their 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s
  • Hormonal acne varies in severity – it can be very mild or quite severe with tender, inflammatory lumps on the skin, which can lead to scarring
  • Patients may complain of oily skin
  • Hormonal acne also occurs in men
  • Hormonal acne is often very distressing particularly if no acne as a teenager
  • Acne can significantly impact on self-esteem, mood and confidence
  • Hormone acne favors the chin, jawline and neck
  • Acne may also affect the chest and shoulder regions
  • Hormones can be affected by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause
  • It can also react to irritating cleansers and cosmetics, and stress


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