Most cases of mild to moderate acne can be treated with prescription creams and washes. Creams can help reduce the number of acne causing bacteria on your skin. Vitamin A creams can also decrease blackheads, oil production, and help your skin repair acne scars. Dermatologists at the Acne Specialist Clinic can tailor a skin care program based upon your acne type and skin sensitivities.

Facts on creams for the treatment of acne

  • Antibiotic creams can reduce the number of bacteria on the skin
  • Antibiotic creams should always be combined with a Vitamin A cream to combat any acne bacteria resistance
  • Vitamin A creams form the foundation of treating blackheads and early acne lesions
  • Application of creams should be tailored according to your skin sensitivity and lifestyle
  • Breakout creams can reduce pimples within days of application
  • Acne Prevention creams take 6-8 weeks before results are seen


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