Dr Davin Lim

  • Consultant Laser Dermatologist
  • Acne scar specialist

Dr Davin Lim is an aesthetic and Laser Dermatologist.  His undergraduate degree was from the University Of Queensland, post graduate Specialist training was undertaken in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the PA Hospital in Brisbane.  Further laser training was undertaken in the United States and in South East Asia. His specialty interest is in the field of acne scar revision. He performed over 3000 revision procedures and is an expert in all aspects of acne scar treatments. In 2016 he was awarded the Top 100 Real Self award- given to the top 1% of Specialist Worldwide. This was largely due to his clinical and research work on acne scarring.

Dr Lim is actively involved in the training of medical students and dermatology registrars. He is an associate lecturer with the Griffith School of Medicine. He also sits on a number of National laser boards, and lectures on acne scar revision techniques. . He is known Internationally for his work on acne scars.

Note: Dr Lim only treats acne scarring, and not acne treatments, as his work is entirely procedural. For acne treatment please see one of the Dermatologist in our team. If you require scar revision or would like to go on to a program, Dr Lim will assess and if you are suitable will tailor a treatment program.

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