Our Team at Westside Dermatology are mindful of the costs of procedures for acne scarring and can assist with the financial aspect of treatments. We can assist with various payment options and give patients an indication of claimable procedures through Medicare.

How can the clinic at Westside Laser Dermatology help me facilitate payment of procedures?

We can assist patients with procedure costs and can help facilitate payments for various procedures.

  • We will inform patients of Medicare Rebates for certain acne scar revision procedures. The percentage you can claim will depend on the procedure performed.
  • Mac Credit Payment plans for patients- this provides a convenient payment plan for patients.
  • Staged payments for Synergy Programs and our Acne Free RF Program

How long does it take for payment plan credit approvals?

Conditional credit approvals can be granted within 24 hours of application. The quickest and most efficient way of obtaining approval is to submit an application online.

More on online approvals via Mac Credit

How do I qualify for a Mac Credit payment plan?

Mac Credit accepts all forms of employment as security, including casual, full time, part time, and self employed, as well as Single Parent Centerlink payments. If you are working less than 3 months(Full, part time or casual) and you have been in continuous employment we will require a payslip from your previous employer as well as your current employer.

How much is the interest rate?

Interest rates are much less than credit cards and start at just over 12%. Your rate is dependent on your credit profile. Refer to the Mac Credit website for an up to date interest rate.

How much can I borrow to help me with my scar revision process?

Depending on your own personal situation, Mac Credit can source full payment for your procedure.

Can Medicare help me with my payments?

You would be surprised that Medicare does provide a rebate for some procedures and all consultations conducted by Specialists. Acne and acne scar treatment is a medical procedure should be performed by qualified medical professionals.

Partial Rebates from Medicare include -

  • Consultations, assessment and follow ups
  • Full laser resurfacing
  • Scar revision carried out by a Specialist
  • Injections for scars
  • Surgical revision of acne scars

We can give you an approximate Medicare rebate schedule after the planning stage of the consultation.

Does private health insurance cover acne or acne scar revision?

No. Unfortunately acne scar revision procedures are not covered by National Private Health Insurance, however some procedures are partly covered by Medicare.

Who can I speak to about payment options, Medicare rebates and costing?

Call Westside Laser Dermatology on 07 3871 34 37 and speak to our Clinical Finance Facilitator, Christa Bolton for more information on Medicare Rebates, Consultation costs, and general enquires on payment plans.

Payment plans are arranged through Mac Credit on 1300 884 355. Online Applications are available.

Westside Laser Dermatology will provide an ethical, easy method to facilitate your road to acne and scar revision programs.


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