Pregnancy associated acne can be distressing for the patient as most GPs struggle to find a safe and effective solution. The influx of hormones, in particular estrogen during the first trimester of pregnancy plays a role in the development of pimples in pregnancy.

Most acne treatments are NOT compatible in pregnancy, however Specialist can recommend several safe creams and lotions that are Category A – 100% safe in pregnancy. We often combine natural remedies such as AHA Glycolic peels and OMNILUX Red light or BLUE OMNILUX phototherapy to treat pregnant women. Phototherapy does not cure acne, and has a limited role to play in treating acne, however in this situation it is ideal. Acne phototherapy does not use laser light, but high output LEDs to destroy acne-forming bacteria. We do not recommend OMNILUX PHOTOTHERAPY for general treatment of acne, but in pregnancy, this can be an excellent option.

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Dr Davin S. Lim
Brisbane Specialist Acne Clinic
Westside Laser Dermatology