The answer is that it depends on the laser operator, the patient’s skin colour and type of acne scar. Without doubt fractional lasers such as Fraxel, ProFractional and Pearl Laser give faster recovery times compared to total laser resurfacing, the flip side is that more treatments are needed. Additionally, deep ice pick scars do not respond well to Fractional laser systems. The solution? Combine treatments and individualize techniques. In some cases one laser treatment consisting of both total laser resurfacing AND Fractional laser will give great results. In darker skin types, using the Erbium Fractional laser is safer than using the CO2 Fractional. In cases where downtime is an issue, sub-fractional treatments with EMatrix maybe the best treatment option. An individualized approach is best.

More on Synergy Treatment for Acne scars

By Dr Davin S. Lim
Brisbane Specialist Acne Clinic
Westside Laser Dermatology