Dermapen has taken acne scar revision by storm, but is it new? No, it’s actually a very old, but modestly effective method of acne scar revision. It works on the same principle of skin needling, but instead of using a roller, a pen is used to deliver the needles vertically to areas of acne scarring. Unlike laser that utilizes controlled heating of the dermis and collagen, skin needling only breaks the collagen via force, piercing the skin to a depth of over 2 mm.

Dermapen can also be used to facilitate delivery of active ingredients such as Vitamin A into the skin. The Acne Specialist Clinics uses Dermapen as an entry level into the medical World of scar revision. Treatments are super cheap, and start at only $240 per small area. This treatment is best for rolling or hollowed acne scars, and not suitable for box-car, or ice pick scarring. It can worsen hypertrophic scars if performed incorrectly. Side effects include infection, bleeding, and swelling. The recovery from Dermapen skin needling is 3-5 days, depending on the depth and passes.

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Dr Davin S. Lim
Brisbane Specialist Acne Clinic
Westside Laser Dermatology