Did you know that blue light can temporarily stop acne? Westside Laser Dermatology uses the very latest in blue, red, and orange low level lasers to help treat acne, and acne scars.

Unlike antibiotics, Roaccutane, or tablets, low-level lasers such as Omnilux or SmartLux have no side effects. They work by killing the bacteria that cause pimples and zits by activating a chemical called porphyrin.

Blue light treatment is spaced between 1-2 weeks, depending on the severity of acne. The treatment takes 10-15 minutes to perform and is completely painless. Most patients will notice a difference within weeks of therapy. We often combine this treatment with our AHA peels or special Lactic Acid peels for optimal results.

Omnilux Blue light therapy is ideal for -

  • Patients who would like to try alternative treatments and not tablets
  • Acne patients who are either pregnant of breast feeding
  • Mild non scarring acne

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Treatments start from $55

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