Hormonal treatments for acne

Hormonal acne occurs in two situations- first of all during the early teenage years. This first stage of hormonal acne is due to androgens which stimulate the oil gland to produce more oil. The second stage of hormonal acne usually occurs later in life, and can present in the late 20s through to the early 40s. This type of acne is called adult female jawline acne. This type of acne is usually deep, and presents as blind ending pimples that worsen with stress.

The severity of hormonal acne can vary from a few small red pimples on the chin to deeper scarring cyst. More severe cases of hormonal acne can also affect the chest, back and shoulders.

Treatment options include -

  • The oral contraceptive pill: Estelle, Diane, Brenda, Yaz or Yasmin
  • An anti-hormone tablet such as Spironolactone
  • A course of Roaccutane

Our Specialists will decide as to what is the best treatment option for you, and this will depend on your pregnancy plans, and lifestyle factors.

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