dermapen acne specialists

Dermapen is a form of skin needling that can help improve skin texture, and mild forms of acne scarring. This works by providing hundreds of tiny holes thru the skin’s surface, in turn breaking down acne scars. Medical Dermapen treatment can be effective in the treatment of rolling and atrophic scars, however laser treatments with FRAXEL, and Fractional Lasers are usually much more effective.

Dermapen fractional resurfacing can also be used to treat acne. Using the same method of fractional treatments, needling can be used to deliver active acne-fighting creams into the deeper layers of the skin. This form of acne treatment uses very fine needles that only penetrate 0.2 mm into the upper layers of the skin. We then use a vitamin A cream immediately after treatment. Dermapen-A treatments can improve skin texture, mild scarring and decrease acne breakouts. In some cases we add OMNILUX RED PHOTOTHERAPY (not BLUE) as this increases healing time and decreases downtime.

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