fraxel laser

Westside Laser Dermatology has one of Australia’s largest collection of skin directed lasers. Different lasers are used to treat conditions such as birthmarks, scarring, hair removal, skin pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

Acne scar revision is performed with the following instruments of choice-

Fractional lasers

We have several devices including 2 Fraxel lasers, Erbium Laser (ProFractional), CO2 Laser (CORE), Ebium modulation with Sciton. Different fractional lasers are chosen depending on skin type and scar type.

Fully ablative lasers

Including the CO2 and Erbium. These lasers are employed to treat severe scars, as part of our Synergy Program for scar revision.

Vascular Lasers

Including the V BEAM and Nd Yag Laser. These lasers are designed to treat red acne scars.

Fractional RadioFrequency

Including the EMatrix system, E2 and Pologen Fractional RF. This is a non-laser method of treating very early acne scarring.


This is a non-laser method of treating early red acne scars. Vascular lasers including the VBEAM are far superior compared to IPL for the treatment of red scars.

Low Level Lasers - Class 3 OMNILUX Blue and Red Phototherapy

This treatment is only suitable for every mild and early acne scarring, or treating active acne. OMNILUX has been largely replaced with RadioFrequency for the management of acne scars.

We update of lasers every 4 months to ensure that patients are treated with the very latest Specialist equipment.

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