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Skin needling can have a mild impact on acne scars. In fact skin needling was considered to be the grandfather of fractional lasers and work in a very similar manner. Needling the deeper layers of skin can remodel collagen. Home needling kits do not work, as the needles do not penetrate deep enough.

Some beauty salons use the word ‘fractional resurfacing’ interchangeably with ‘skin needling’ however there are many differences in true laser resurfacing and needling. Using medical grade skin needles and rollers, a depth of only a millimetre or two is reached. Dermarollers and needling kits in cosmetic and laser salons and clinics are even more superficial. Skin needling at the very best, breaks down some scars, but the lack of controlled heat does not stimulate collagen as much as true fractional devices such as Fraxel, Fractional lasers and RadioFrequency devices.

Newer skin needling procedures such as DERMAPEN provide better results compared to first gen skin rollers. Dermapen can be used on rolling, atrophic and mixed acne scars.

Another method of fractional scar revision is called Fractional RadioFrequency, or RF. This method of acne scar revision is at the opposite end of skin needling. Unlike needling, Fractional RF tends to spare the upper layers of the skin, and concentrates on the deeper dermal layers of skin- where scars and collagen lie. Radiofrequency, like skin needling, breaks down the collagen, but also provides heating of the dermal layers, which also remodels acne scars. Unlike skin needling, RadioFrequency has a lower downtime, lower complication rate, and is much more comfortable for the patient.

Skin needling with rollers is largely historical in value, as Fractional lasers, Dermapen needling and RadioFrequency devices are more precise, and stimulate collagen production at a much greater rate than skin needling. The Brisbane Acne Specialist Clinic still performs skin needling, however utilize the Dermapen for this procedure. We still have skin needling roller kits dating back to the 2002, but this is only of historical importance.

RadioFrequency or RF treatment, apart from being more effective than skin needling, cost less. That’s the evolution of technology…

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