types acne scars

No two acne scar patients are alike, and an individual approach to scar removal provides the very best outcomes. Different types of acne scars will have ideal treatments. Dr Davin S. Lim is authored the ‘Synergy Program’ for acne scars. This method of scar removal is modelled in the treatments we perform at the Acne Specialist Clinic.

  • Ice pick scars are deep-lying acne scars, most frequently seen on the cheeks. This form of acne scarring responds very poorly to Fraxel, Fractional lasers, and even Full Laser Ablation. Simple techniques such as chemical peels, or punch excision are often the most effective method of removing ice pick scars.
  • Rolling scars on the cheeks and temples are one of the most difficult types of acne scars to remove, especially in darker skin types. We often use Fractional lasers over multiple treatments to improve this form of scarring.
  • Tethered or anchored scars are puckered and lie deep in the layers of skin. A simple and very effective method of scar revision is subscision. This technique breaks the collagen bonds that anchor the acne scar.
  • Box scars, and shallow even saucer scars often respond well to full laser ablation. In some cases a dermal filler is used to fill any underlying depression.

Most patients will have multiple types of acne scars, and hence a tailored approach will give the best results.