acne specialist clinics

1. Specialist training

Westside’s Acne Specialist Clinic has the highest level of Specialist training in the use of laser and cosmetic procedures for acne scars. We are not cosmetic GPs but we are Specialists trained in the management of skin disorders such as acne and acne scarring.

2. Latest technology

Our equipment is always state-of the art. Lasers are like computers- new models are released every 6 months. We constantly update our equipment, taking delivery of 3-4 new laser machines per year. Patients can be assured they are undergoing the very latest in acne scar treatments using the newest medical lasers.

3. Medicare rebates

Importantly, Medicare recognises Specialists as providers of acne scar revision, and patients are entitled to appropriate Medicare rebates for consultations, follow-ups as well as many forms of scar revision.

Discuss the differences between Specialist and Cosmetic Doctors with your GP.

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* Medicare rebates apply to some acne scar revision methods such as full laser resurfacing, subscision, surgery and consultations. Fraxel, Fractional laser resufacing, OMNILUX, Skin Needling, RadioFrequency E Matrix, and Micordermabrasion are not covered by Medicare.