filling acne scars

Yes. Dermal grafts and dermal fillers are ideal for atrophic scars. Atrophic scars include saucer shaped acne and chickenpox scarring, as well as divets and depressions. Fillers provide an almost ‘instant’ fill for these areas, with minimal downtime for the patient. Most fillers last between 6- 18 months.  Dermal fillers cost between $280 for one or two small scars- up to $2500 for large areas that need collagen replacement.

We tend not to use much Dermal Grafting, as the side effect profile of this procedure is too high. Dermal grafting will result in tiny lines on top of the scars, and maybe associated with ‘cyst formation’ after the procedure. Our preferred method is to treat with Fractional laser, as this stimulates your own body to produce collagen, then fill what is left with a dermal filler. This produces the best results.

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