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Dermatologists at the Acne Specialist Clinic perform scar removal at a SPECIALIST level. We ensure that patients will have the absolute best outcome possible, however we require commitment from suitable candidates.

Acne scar revision at Westside Laser is not a lunch time procedure, but a medical procedure performed by professionals at the very highest level of care and skill. Patients should ask the following questions prior to considering acne scar revision-

  1. Am I committed to a scar revision program? This program may take upto 6 months to achieve, depending on the level and severity of scarring.
  2. Have I got enough downtime to recover from treatments?
  3. Am I committed to ensure follow ups are met?
  4. Can I qualify for the costs associated with Specialist Scar Removal? (Payment plans are available)
  5. Am I confident in my treating scar specialist?

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