Mild cases of acne scarring can be improved with non-laser treatments known as Low Level Laser Therapy.  This treatment involves the use of medically delivered LED light delivered to the acne scar areas. Blue or red light can be used to treat acne and acne scarring. Red light is chosen over blue light in the treatment of early acne scars, as it penetrates to a greater depth. Phototherapy is a painless, medical treatment that can be useful for the treatment of both active acne and early acne scarring.

Specialists combine low-level laser with chemical peels to form the basis of our Clear Skin Program.

Facts on phototherapy treatment for scars

  • Acne phototherapy light treatment is a form of low level laser therapy
  • Low level laser therapy can improve mild cases of early acne scarring
  • A series of 8-10 treatments are recommended for best results
  • Each treatment takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Acne scar phototherapy is painless, as it does not heat the skin
  • The Acne Specialist Clinic uses medical grade phototherapy units to deliver red light in the setting of scar revision
  • Specialist dermatologists at combine a series of chemical peels with acne light treatments as part of the Clear Skin Program
  • Moderate to severe acne scars should be treated with other methods
  • Acne scars that are greater than 3 months old do not respond well to phototherapy, however may respond to RadioFrequency treatment
  • Red light phototherapy can be combined with laser treatments as part of the Synergy Program for acne scar revision


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