Dermapen is skin needling or fractional skin resurfacing without the expense of laser. Treatments are affordable, and start at only $220 per session. Several types of Dermapen allows for a multitude of uses, including home use, as well as medical use. The depth of skin needling can be precisely controlled to deliver the intended results. Shallow needling can improve skin texture, and assist in delivery of creams such as Vitamin A, whilst deeper dermal Medical grade Dermapen treatment can remodel acne scars.

Facts on Dermapen series of treatments

  • Dermapen Personal is designed for home use and only penetrates the skin 0.3 mm. Minimal impact on scars, but can be used to deliver active ingredients in creams into the deeper layers of the skin
  • Dermapen Professional series penetrates the skin 3 times deeper compared to the Personal series and numbing cream will be needed
  • Dermatologists only use the MEDICAL grade Dermapen series. This treats scars up to 2.5 mm deep and is the most effective of all Dermapen models
  • Dermapen treatments start from $220
  • LED Phototherapy using RED LIGHT or OMNILUX directly after skin resurfacing can help reduce the recovery time and further promote collagen remodelling and scar removal

Dermapen Australia


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