Acne Specialist Clinics can use the skin rejuvenating treatments of DERMAPEN skin resurfacing combined with Red light phototherapy. This treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to perform and is painless but effective. Dermapen needling is conducted first, followed by 10 minutes of Red LED phototherapy. We choose to use red light over BLUE Omnilux because red light penetrates the skin to a deeper level – a level where acne scars lie. The combination of fractional needling with phototherapy decreases down time for the patient.

Important facts on Dermapen- LED Program for acne scars

  • Medical Grade Dermapen treatments are used in this program
  • We combine fractional needling with LED Red phototherapy
  • Combination treatments result in synergistic improvements in acne scarring and quicken recovery time
  • Treatments are quick, safe and painless
  • This treatment is not as effective as laser, however provides an entry level scar revision method for patients
  • RED LED is far superior to OMNILUX BLUE as acne scars lie deep in the dermal layers of the skin, out of reach from BLUE light
  • Dual Dermapen-LED treatments start from only $320 per treatment


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